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A simple philosophy

Jewelry, accessories & beauty has been our passion for the past 15 years in our working & personal environment. During traveling and working around the globe our dream of an own brand started.

While sitting in Jakarta, Indonesia, one night – next to the river of Sunter we were brainstorming and dreaming. A couple of years later those ideas merged and turned into answers: we founded Makasar.

What we do today when developing our collections

  • Always searching for the perfect match of elements and meaning - in a tangle of constant changes of trends and environment.

  • Combine well-established knowledge of raw materials and designs, to show inner & outer beauty.

  • We never compromise when it comes to material, as we see those items as a long-term friendship - for all people wearing it.

  • We apply a modern mindset to traditional material and create innovative contemporary products and gifts.
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    Feel better

    Our vision

    The ambition of our collections is gradually to make you feel and look better – Everyday. Inside. Out.

    Involved in a healthy, holistic lifestyle for many years to come.

    Conni Häuser & Barbara Bauer

    Makasar Founders

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